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Ghent's Talent 2015 loves to know what's going on on the forefront of things. Let's make a calculated guess on what's to come. Here are people living in Ghent on the verge of a breakthrough.


"In Ghent I can follow my passion"


The Ghent-Maltese pianist Gabi Sultana is someone to keep an eye out for in 2015. In Malta they know it well "Gabi is a demon of energy, yet one of impeccable articulation". That her heart lies in contemporary music is not surprising, but that she also loves electronic music was an unexpected surprise.


What does a Maltese beauty come to search for here in Gent?

"I really wanted to study contemporary music at the conservatory, but the rule is that you must first study classical music in order to proceed to contemporary music. I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in classical music from The Hague, Holland and there I was told that in Ghent I could follow my passion for contemporary music. Under the guidance of Daan Vandewalle I obtained both my Master's Degree and my Post-Master's Degree in Contemporary music. In the meantime I am completely in love with the city. It kind of reminds me of Malta in the way that it is small." (laughs) 


What do you have with the 70's?

"If I am listening to a piece of music which strikes me, it somehow usually belongs to the 70's. However I am open to all. I always try to play with my audience in mind. Sometimes I have visited concerts which where also too heavy for me to listen to. What will someone who doesn't listen to this kind of music every day think? One must always have communication with one's audience."


Why will 2015 be a fantastic year for you?

"Between January and June I am working on a number of projects with Spectra Ensemble which will see us perform in Belgium, Holland and Germany. I was also invited to play at the Canberra International Music Festival in Australia and that's an honour. I will also perform Frank Nuyts' Piano Sonatas which I enjoy a lot! And then there is also a work in progress. Together with my boyfriend, we want to organize an Electronic Music Festival in Malta"


An electronic music festival?

"As a teenager I was very influenced by Aphex Twin. Nowadays my list of current favorite electronic artists would have to include Alva Noto, Autechre and Sendai (Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De Mey). There are many reasons why I pick these three , but the common factor is their detail in sound. I find that fascinating. And I should also mention Shackleton because of his unique and recognizable sound."



- Freek Evers






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